of Plastic Parts

A wide range of raw materials, limitless colour possibilities, and more than 40 years of experience. We are constantly working with a thousand moulds, more than 70 machines ranging in size from 35 to 1600 tonnes of clamping power. We can cast two-component parts and use TPE.

Moulding parts by injecting heated plastic into a mould

Our company employs the latest technologies and modern plastic moulding machines, allowing us to create parts with different parameters.

Production of parts by rotating and heating plastic pellets at the same time

We offer a special technology for hollows (liquid containers) of large or complex shapes. We cast the parts by rotating and, at the same time, heating the plastic pellets. This process is suitable for a wide range of products, as wall thickness can be precisely controlled.

Processing of parts after moulding

Moulding high-quality plastic products requires much more than just making the right mould. Surface finishing by carefully polishing or texturing the surface of the mould provides both practical and aesthetic benefits to the product, resulting in a longer product life.

Painting and marking parts

Our factory has all of the tools necessary to create an exclusive design. We can apply product marking and painting techniques to all plastic parts.