Vilma AB aims to produce only quality products, use certified raw materials, establish a safe, healthy and ethical work environment and preserve nature. We pay equal attention to economic, environmental, social and governance goals.

Economic goals

– To maintain a high financial liquidity and high equity ratios.
– To strategically diversify our activities: we increase income equally in each of the activity segments we operate.

Environmental goals

– To monitor the impact on the environment: we calculate the carbon footprint, the use of renewable materials and energy resources.
– To use only “green” energy in 100% production.
– To make 100% of our packaging from recycled or from easily renewable raw materials.
– To recycle and repurpose 100% of plastic waste.

Social goals

– To support socially vulnerable communities.
– We have development plans for our specialists and carry qualification trainings accordingly.
– To ensure a positive working environment in order for our employees to remain loyal (78% are long-term employees).

Governance goals

– To create a corruption-resistant environment. A whistle-blower protection system has been implemented (
– To promote the principles of ethical activities to ensure the transparency and reliability of the company.