Processing of Parts After Moulding

Welding of parts by melting their surfaces

It is a process in which the connections of the parts are first heated and then welded by compression. Such parts are then characterised by strength, high quality and tightness. Most often, this method is applied in serial production.

Ultrasonic welding of parts

Ultrasonic welding is ideal if you need precision and flawless aesthetics. Even after a short press, the parts are firmly connected via molecular bonding.


We provide individual solutions for mechanical drives by designing and manufacturing plastics gears that transmit motion.

Laser cutting

Unlike traditional cutting methods, laser systems have an unlimited number of configurations, allowing for accurate and fast polymer cuts.

Laser engraving of parts

We use laser to mark parts and engrave many different commercial plastics. Thanks to a short set-up time and flexibility, we will mark even small batches of products at low cost.