Supply Chain

From your inquiry to delivery. We handle every step ourselves. Our company works with more than 1000 different raw materials suppliers from all over the world to deliver products of the best quality. We are flexible and we can work with other suppliers at the request of our clients.

Supply chain management

Our specialists carry out all the tasks of supply chain management. We plan and coordinate all processes for successful project implementation. We are the ambassadors of our clients, both internally and externally.

Selection criteria for raw material suppliers

Our clients are well-known brands, that is why we only work with suppliers of high-quality raw materials and components. We are constantly evaluating the reliability of our current suppliers and looking for new ones.

Experience in purchasing

You can entrust the purchase of raw materials to us. We have the technical knowledge and experience necessary to select better quality raw materials at a lower price.

Full cycle planning

We plan and manage all the resources necessary for a specific project: the purchase of materials, the production process, product delivery, information and financial flows.


We deliver manufactured goods all over the world.