From idea to delivery!

In Western Europe, we are known as reliable and highly qualified manufacturing partners. We provided design and production services, starting with the concept of the product, designing and producing it, and eventually delivering it to the client.

Our group of companies

We are competitive manufacturing group

Vilma AB, together with its subsidiaries (Megrame International UAB, Megrame medis UAB, Pietų Megrame UAB, Medalpas UAB, MACRO investment UAB, Gealan Baltic UAB and Lemeras UAB), form a competitive manufacturing group. Our brands (Vilma, Vilma Electric, Megrame, Gealan) are leaders in their fields in Lithuania and recognised in other markets.

History of Vilma AB

A leader in technological solutions “from idea to delivery”

Since its establishment in 1959, Vilma AB operated as a technological manufacturer of electromechanical devices. After Lithuania regained its independence, the company was reorganised into a joint-stock company with its main activity being the producer of household electrical equipment, mechanical devices, electrical installation and non-standard equipment, as well as other parts.

Our Values


We do our best to ensure honesty, transparency and reliability in the company's activities. We promote relationships that avoid conflicts of public and private interest.


We only manufacture high-quality products and are constantly investing in advanced technologies that improve processes and boost production efficiency.


We strive to produce high-quality and functional products at a lower cost. We offer practical and long-term solutions.


Not only does our factory have standard certificates such as ISO 9001, but it also has additional certificates from other countries that are required for successful sales in the markets of these countries.