All the necessary technologies in one place. We provide various parts processing services, from CNC milling, lathes, pipe bending to robot welding. Our company is capable of producing large batches of various products.

Production of parts by stamping

By applying stamping technology, we produce metal parts for various household appliances. Our company uses cold bending, forming, plain die cutting and step stamping. Hydraulic (200 t) and eccentric (250) t presses are used for stamping parts.

Robot welding

Impeccable welding quality and speed ensure that our robot, CLOOS, will weld even hard-to-reach places. We weld both black and stainless steel.

Production of parts by cutting the contour with a laser

Laser cutting is the most economical solution as it ensures high precision even for small-scale production.

Production of parts by machining surfaces

We have different technologies that enable the machining of parts under one roof: lathe turning, CNC milling, pipe bending (CNC) and grinding.