Projektų vadovas

Apie darbo skelbimą

The role

This role consists of finding the right person for each position to be filled at Memo Bank. Building a bank requires bringing together several core businesses, several areas of expertise: from finance to engineering, including sales and accounting. But before making these people work together, it is still necessary to find them, interest them and recruit them. It’s there that you intervene.


With the help of our Talent Acquisition Manager , you will be involved in all stages of our recruitment process.

More specifically, you will be in charge of:

  • Collaborate with our teams to develop precise job descriptions and detailed job offers.
  • Identify candidates with varied profiles and contact them to introduce them to Memo Bank.
  • Use our Applicant tracking system (ATS) to organize applications and monitor the smooth running of interviews. We use Workable.
  • Collaborate with Memo Bank employees to receive interview candidates in the best possible conditions.
  • Support candidates from their application to their job offer.
    Train Memo Bank employees on recruitment and keep them informed of ongoing interviews.
  • Play the role of Memo Bank’s ambassador at events and provide candidates with a good experience at all stages of their recruitment.

About you

You know how to solicit your networks to find the rare pearl whenever you need it. Over time, you have understood that an individual is not limited to his CV, so you are sensitive to the personality of the candidates and you can gauge it from the first minutes of an interview. If some people have math skills, then you are kind to people. You are able to evaluate without judging, avoiding biases that could hamper your impartiality.

Personalization is your watchword. You put yourself in the shoes of each candidate to calibrate your approach according to each profile, without ever succumbing to pre-chewed formulas. When it comes to recruiting, you know that the difference is in the details: clarity of the offer, quality of exchanges, speed of responses, interview reception, and so on. We expect you to help us move forward on each of these stages.


Gross salary range is 2000–3300 EUR/month.

Techninės detalės

  • Vieta: Kaunas
  • Darbo pobūdis: Pilnas etatas
  • Atlyginimas: 1300-2400 Eur
  • Paskelbta: 2021-12-22